Lonely Whale: Our Team

Executive Team

Dune Ives Lonely Whale

dune Ives

Dune is the Executive Director of Lonely Whale where she designs and leads change-making ocean conservation initiatives to address key drivers of environmental degradation and species decline. Her expertise in sustainability and environmental business issues across corporate, municipal, nonprofit, and philanthropic institutions, coupled with a Ph.D. in Psychology, allows for an innovative yet practical approach to resolving systemic challenges for our environment. Prior to joining Lonely Whale, Dune was the head of Paul Allen’s Vulcan Philanthropy and led the Great Elephant Census, Global Fin Print, Smart Catch, and the BLM Coal Leasing Program PEIS lawsuit. Additionally, Dune oversaw Paul Allen's $100M Global Ebola commitment and the Allen Distinguished Educators program. Dune is also the co-founder of The Green Sports Alliance and an inaugural member of Al Gore’s The Climate Reality Project.

Emma Riley Lonely Whale

Emma Riley

Emma is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for Lonely Whale where she brings her unique talent and passion for building unique initiatives, programming, and partnerships across media, philanthropy, and celebrity. Emma joined Lonely Whale shortly after its founding and brought with her a six-year history in ideating and producing major integrated communications and marketing campaigns for global and Fortune 500 brands. Under Emma’s passionate leadership, Lonely Whale continues to spearhead radically collaborative efforts, including Lonely Whale's flagship campaign, Strawless in Seattle. The campaign resulted in the permanent removal of more than 2.5M single-use plastic straws, and was marked by a commitment to remove plastic straws from the airport, landmark properties and professional sports arenas.

Emy Kane Lonely Whale

Emy Kane

Emy is the Digital Strategist at Lonely Whale where she leads all online content and strategy, including spearheading Lonely Whale's #StopSucking social media challenge. Within its first two months, the #StopSucking campaign went viral earning an organic reach of 244M across 30 countries and localizing in more than seven languages. Prior to joining Lonely Whale, Emy worked in the startup space as a digital and social expert within tech and entertainment. Emy’s passion for the environment and building community inspired her to bring her skill set to Lonely Whale to empower and create on behalf of socially-conscious initiatives.

Advisory Board

Adrian Grenier Co-Founder of Lonely Whale

Adrian Grenier

Co-Founder, Campaign Strategy

Lucy Sumner Co-Founder of Lonely Whale

Lucy Sumner

Co-Founder, Operations & Growth Strategy

Coralie Charriol-Paul React To Film Lonely Whale

Coralie Charriol-Paul

Media Strategy Advisor

Chase Jarvis Creative Live Lonely Whale

Chase Jarvis

Campaign and Media Strategy Advisor

Kelly Green Lonely Whale

Kelly Green

Fundraising Strategy Advisor

Eric Brisson Lonely Whale

Eric Brisson

Analytics and Impact Advisor

Sarah Elizabeth Ippel Academy For Global Citizenship Lonely Whale

Sarah Elizabeth Ippel

Education Strategy Advisor

Vipe Desai Ocean Champions Lonely Whale

Vipe Desai

NGO Growth Strategy Advisor

Thomas Kamei Lonely Whale

Thomas Kamei

Growth and Impact Advisor

Dennis Paul Lonely Whale

Dennis Paul

Growth and Partnerships Advisor

Henry Pincus Lonely Whale

Henry Pincus

Strategic Advisor