“These Kindergartners are graduating high school in the year 2028, just two years before attainment of the UN's Sustainable Development Goal for Ocean Health. They will be the ocean’s next generation of advocates.”

Dune Ives, Executive Director


Our Education Initiatives


K - 5th GradeProgram Overview:

  • Bilingual, English & Spanish

  • 10 lessons / unit which can be taught within a larger unit per grade, or as a stand alone area of study

  • Co-developed by practicing scientists & marine researchers

  • Focus on team-based problem solving

  • Empathy-based curriculum

  • Meets next generation science standards


Our decision to launch in Chicago was driven by our desire to reach and connect with non-coastal students who may never see the ocean.



Catch The Wave Program Overview:

  • Piloted across Canada

  • Developed for high school students

  • Engages student leaders to design and implement school-wide projects to reduce single-use plastics in their schools and communities