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our philosophy


We're founded on the principle of radical collaboration

Radical collaboration means that every campaign and initiative we support must have at least one partner. While collaboration is easy to say and hard to do, we are committed to working across organizations to scale success. Why? We are more effective working together than if we choose to act alone. We learn more when we work together, we avoid recreating the wheel, and we also have the opportunity to streamline communication to our audiences and supporters driving further impact. In our opinion, failure only happens when we fail alone.

We strive to act and talk like a leading brand.

Brands do one thing really, really well - they get us to buy what they are selling. How? Brands are constantly learning who we are and what we like so that they can align their creative and PR strategies around our desires, hopes and dreams. In thinking like a brand, we can build stronger and more impactful campaigns that speak to the hearts and minds of individuals and also create an affinity for a healthy ocean. Essentially, we are rethinking the way ocean health organizations “sell” a healthy ocean.

We believe that “safe" campaigns and ideas won’t save our ocean.

That’s why we are constantly challenging ourselves and our partners to push the edge of what we think is possible. We won’t cease to innovate before we've created a healthy ocean. Until then, we are dedicated to delivering the energy and creativity needed to match the scale of the problem.


We are not willing to stand by and watch our ocean fill with more toxins. We assume you aren’t either, which is probably how you ended up here. Think you have an idea that could change the world? We’d love to hear about it and help bring it to reality.


our portfolio


STRAWLESS In seattle

The first campaign of its kind, Strawless In Seattle supports Strawless Ocean's global initiative. The one month campaign ushered in policy change and removed 2.3 million plastic straws. Learn more.



Within two months the challenge spread to 40 countries, has been localized in 9 languages and was featured on NPR's "Wait Wait... Don’t Tell Me!". Learn more.



The first cross-industry, commercial-scale global ocean bound plastics supply chain. Learn more.


Ocean Heroes Bootcamp

This youth summit is designed for existing and emerging youth leaders between the ages of 11 - 18 and will be focused on empowering attending youth to understand and then address plastic pollution in our global waterways. Learn more.



In July 2018, Lonely Whale and Bacardi Limited, two leaders in the movement against single-use plastic, joined forces to achieve a goal of removing one billion single-use plastic straws by 2020. Learn more.



A collaborative initiative of over 40 leading NGOs committed to permanently removing single-use plastic straws from global markets. Learn more.


tick tock

Tick Tock makes us stop, take notice, and choose to take action. Intentionally provocative, we are asking individuals, companies, and governments to end plastic pollution once and for all. Learn more.


Clean Seas - UN Environment

Official partners with the UN Environment’s Clean Seas campaign engaging governments, the public at large and the private sector in the fight against marine litter. Learn more.



A global ocean health awareness campaign and open ocean swim produced in partnership with Sir Richard Branson’s Ocean Unite. The campaign earned 338 million social media impressions. Learn more.



Produced in partnership with DELL, the 4D Virtual Reality experience takes audiences on an underwater journey through the perspective of the 52Hz whale as it comes face to face with the myriad of manmade environmental hazards. Learn more.


Catch the wave

K-12 plastic pollution education curriculum built in partnership with The 5Gyres Institute. Learn more.


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