Starting a fundraiser is easy

You can create a wave of change by creating your first fundraiser!

It only takes a few minutes to setup your first campaign. Get started, follow these three steps.


step one

Decide to help take care of our shared ocean.

It only takes a few minutes to setup your fundraiser on our Facebook page. Pick a fundraising goal, how long you’ll fundraising, and decide on a fundraiser name!



get started

step two

Spread the word and ask for support.

Share your fundraiser with your Facebook Friends and invite them to support your mission. Don’t be shy, the ocean belongs to all of us! Inspire your friends and family to take care of our shared ocean by supporting your work.



get started

step three

Celebrate your success and track your impact.

Once your Facebook Fundraiser ends, all donations will get sent directly to us - no extra work for you! We’ll be sure to send a big "Thank You!" and also share updates on the campaigns that YOU helped make a reality.



get started

Create your first fundraiser