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Born out of inspiration from the search for 52Hz, the Lonely Whale Foundation was created in December 2015 by Adrian Grenier and Lucy Sumner with the intent to inspire empathy towards marine species and develop life long advocates for ocean health. 

The life story of 52Hz is a cautionary tale of the growing epidemic of loneliness and isolation that exists in our own lives and the unanticipated consequences of our choices and actions.

The quest to find 52Hz reveals an inspiring message of hope that shows how one lone whale can teach human beings all over the world about the true meaning of connection.

As 52Hz has grown and aged, still searching for its pod, we have continued to degrade the state of ocean health, making it more difficult for him to survive.

From our science-based, bi-lingual education program to our innovative global digital and media campaigns, we seek to develop a connected virtual pod for 52Hz that protects and nurtures his natural environment while he continues to search for the companionship he seeks.

Our approach is one of collaboration with other Foundations, NGOs, Corporations and individuals who seek the same goal. Through our media and entertainment backgrounds we'll  create strategic digital and social media  partnerships with influencers and innovators who engage their audiences to support and inspire change. 

The Lonely Whale Foundation is a proud member of SEE : Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.




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A producer on a number of high-profile independent films and documentaries including "Hesher", "Transamerica", "A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints", and "Everybody Street", which have gone on to play at Sundance, Cannes, Venice and Berlin film festivals, as well as receive Oscar nominations, and Independent Spirit and Golden Globe wins. She has also produced a long list of commercials and music videos. Lucy is currently the Head of Entertainment and Partner at Alldayeveryday.



Actor, film maker, entrepreneur and Dell Social Good advocate. As an actor he is best known for playing the iconic role of A-list movie star Vincent Chase in eight seasons of the HBO smash hit "Entourage." broadening his work behind the camera as a documentary filmmaker through his company Reckless Productions. Grenier also serves as a social good advocate on behalf of Dell, championing healthier, eco-friendly choices through digital storytelling and advocacy.



Former head of Paul Allen's Vulcan Philanthropy, Dune has designed and overseen change-making initiatives that address key drivers of environmental degradation and species decline. Notably, Dune led the Great Elephant Census, Global Fin Print, Smart Catch and the BLM Coal Leasing Program PEIS lawsuit. She also led Paul Allen's $100M Global Ebola commitment and the Allen Distinguished Educators program. Dune holds her Ph.D. in Psychology, is co-founder of The Green Sports Alliance and an inaugural member of Al Gore’s The Climate Project.



Emma possesses a unique talent and passion for fostering energy and creating conversation around impactful topics. After establishing programming in media and the arts across the UK & US, Emma saw an opportunity with Lonely Whale and jumped at it. Combining her love for both creativity and conservation, Emma leads the team in building unique initiatives and programming (including a Lonely Whale takeover of Times Squares' screens) to call attention to the world's oceans and its creatures.



A Chicago born creative, Emy's interest in science shaped her outlook on the environment from an early age. Since, Emy's professional endeavors have led her into tech and entertainment where she has lent her skill-set to empowering and creating for socially conscious communities.



Kelly brings a wealth of experience in developing philanthropic programs and events. She has served on various foundation boards and has also worked extensively with non-profit organizations to support health care, children's needs and wildlife conservation. Although she grew up far from the ocean as a native Texan, she has always valued sharing a global understanding of our ocean. Through her support of Lonely Whale, Kelly is committed to sharing her passion with others so they too understand the importance of teaching children to value and respect the environment.



Growing up in New Hampshire, Meg developed a deep connection to the outdoors at an early age. And through many years spent romping in the Rocky Mountains and basking in the desert southwest, Meg tapped into nature's power to nurture and heal human life and developed deep awe and respect for the countless seen and unseen systems of the natural world. Now rooted in the Pacific Northwest, Meg's professional background is in sustainability consulting, green building, and energy efficiency. She holds an MBA in sustainability and enjoys bringing people together to create positive social impacts.



Lonely Whale Foundation Photography by Alberto Guglielmi