the initiative

Two years ago through Dell's relationship with their Social Good Advocate Adrian Grenier, Dell became aware of the challenges facing the oceans. As a consumer of plastic, we identified ocean plastic as an issue where Dell could have a meaningful contribution. Dell has spent a decade experimenting with and scaling the use of a variety of sustainable materials both in their products and packaging.

Today, Dell has facilitated the formation of a collaborative and open-source initiative, which convenes leading companies across industries, technology and consumer brands, to develop the first-ever commercial-scale ocean-bound plastics and nylon supply chain.


the impact

The initiative will share responsibility in ensuring the development of a sustainable model that reduces ocean-bound plastic pollution at scale, while creating an economic and social benefit for multiple stakeholders. In addition, the working group will ensure that the resulting supply chain has the infrastructure and support necessary to meet demand as well as align with globally approved social and environmental standards.

The initiative will also ensure the integrity of the supply chain and resulting product integration through chain-of- custody compliance and external, third-party verification of


the reach

The consortium anticipates that together they will divert more than 3 million pounds of plastics and nylon based fishing gear from entering the ocean within 5 years, the equivalent to keeping 66 million water bottles from washing out to sea.