52 : The Search for the Loneliest Whale

In 1994 Scientists believed that they had discovered a unique whale that was calling out at a frequency no other whale could hear. It is said this whale had been calling out his (only male whales sing) whole life, year after year, but had never once received a response.

No one knows if he is the first of his kind, the last of his kind, or just an anomaly...

52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale is a feature length documentary that will take audiences on a journey to find the forgotten 52 Hertz Whale. Through an exploration under the oceans, scientists and storytellers will seek to understand our oceans and unravel the mystery of 52. The film will also seek to answer why this long forgotten story is evoking such a strong response today; is it because loneliness is pervading our hyper-connected society? 


THE history of 52

Former Chief Officer Joseph George tells us, the 52hz frequency was initially dismissed as “non-biologic,” because the Baleen whales they were monitoring only called out at 15 ­‐ 25hz. However, because of this signal’s strength and repetition, he sent a recording to Dr. William Watkins, a bio-acoustician at the Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institute. For the next year, Watkins would analyze this mysterious frequency, hoping to uncover its source. He never did.

Listen to the recording that started it all and read the story by Andrew Revkin that began the film endeavor project. 



3,833 backers pledged $405,937 to help bring this project to life. The film is currently in production.

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